Donald M. Sheridan has been engaged in fine art silkscreen printmaking since 1977 when he began working in the studio of Rupert Jasen Smith, Master Printer to Andy Warhol He printed Warhols work for six years. Starting in 1982 he worked with Larry B. Wright, printing editions by Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Poons, Larry Zox, Dan Christianson, and others In 1984 he established Donald M. Sheridan Fine Arts where he has published portfolios and editions by emerging and established contemporary artists, and continues to engage in contract printing. He collaborates with artists who seek to enlarge their repertoire by producing printed editions and unique monoprints. In 1984 he opened his own studio, Donald M. Sheridan Fine Arts, at 350 Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In 92 the studio moved to Manhattan for 7 years, and is presently in Jersey City, NJ. The studio has two silkcreen presses, one 12' x 80", capable of producing very large works.Since the mid 1990s, Donald Sheridan has taught silkscreen printing at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan